Here you’ll find answers to some of the questions we get asked most about airport transfers.

We will send you a booking confirmation email which will include your booking details and important information about your transfer. You’ll need this on the day of your transfer so you may wish to print your confirmation in advance of travel.

Please note: is an online booking agent. We will instantly send your booking details to the appropriate airport transfer company (the supplier). The contract is then between yourself and the supplier. The supplier will rely on the details of the booking and if all the details and information are accurate the transfer will be provided in compliance with our Terms and Conditions. It is therefore essential that you provide the correct information when booking.

Our prices are fully inclusive and include all gratuities and tolls. You do not need to tip your driver.

As you go through the booking process you will be offered the opportunity to add child seats (where available), excess luggage, sport equipment etc and these may incur additional costs. Please see sections below for more information.

There is no limit to the number of transfers you can book.  So, for example, you can book a transfer for the first leg of your journey, perhaps from your home to the airport.  Then you can simply “Add another transfer” and book the same journey in reverse or a transfer from your destination airport.  You can even add a completely different journey which is really useful if you are booking multiple transfers on behalf of friends, family or colleagues.

The pickup time and location will be clearly displayed on your confirmation. If you have booked a shared shuttle transfer, please follow the instructions on the voucher to obtain your pick-up time and location. This is necessary as shuttles may have multiple pick up destinations. It is vital that you call the supplier within office hours at least 24 hours prior to departure, in order to be given an accurate pick up time.

Please note: You need to be at your pick-up location 10-15 minutes in advance of your pick-up time. The driver will wait no longer than 15 minutes and if they are not contacted notifying them that you are running late, they will leave.

The booking voucher will clearly indicate what to do and where to go. Please follow those instructions to find your driver. Each tpye of transfer has different wait times:

Economy Private Transfer – Standard wait time is 60mins from when the flight lands, however this may be reduced in certain smaller airports, please check your voucher for more details.

Private transfer – Your driver will wait up to 1 hour from the point at which flight lands.

Some products do not include wait time and you must contact your supplier upon arrival. Please refer to your booking voucher for further details.

Your driver is contracted to wait to the maximum times noted above. You may require additional wait time in the event of a customs / immigration / baggage delay. In this event you may be able to extend your wait time for an additional fee.

If you need to amend dates or routes, the booking will need to be cancelled and rebooked (cancellation fees apply within 3 days of transfer).

There is no administration fee to amend, however, prices are live and subject to change and if there is a difference in the cost, between the old and new booking, then this would be chargeable.

If you do need to cancel and rebook, we cannot guarantee the same transfer product will be available – we recommend you check availability before cancelling a live booking.

All amendments must be made via your my.airportcars account unless you are travelling today, in which case you must contact the transfer provider directly using the contact details provided in your booking confirmation.

You can login to my.airportcars to cancel your booking online. Bookings can be cancelled right up until the day of the transfer, dependent on location.

If cancelled online more than 72 hours before booked outbound transfer date and time, there will be no fee and the full value of the booking will be refunded to you.

If cancelled online within 72 hours of the booked outbound transfer date and time (including ‘no show’ bookings), your booking will incur a 100% cancellation charge.

The allowance per person is one standard size suitcase (approximately 70cm high, 47cm wide and 21cm deep), as well as one small piece of hand luggage (such as rucksack, handbag or tote bag not a small carry on suitcase). Please note that your hand luggage will be transported in the vehicle with you, and so it should be an appropriate size for this as suggested above.

If you are travelling with excess luggage, such as large suitcases, additional suitcases outside of the luggage allowance, golf clubs, wheelchairs, skis, pushchairs, etc., it is imperative at the time of booking to make us aware either by selecting the the appropriate number of oversized items during the booking process.  Failure to tell us may result in extra transport being required to accommodate the excess luggage, which will incur additional local charges.

The journey times stated on our website and booking vouchers are estimated and are applicable for a journey on a normal day. It is possible that these times may vary according to time of day, roadworks, local road closures or diversions, volumes of traffic, local festivities etc.

Please note: Shuttle journeys, which involve multiple pickups and drop offs, may take longer than stated.

Private transfers: Suppliers will endeavour wherever possible to operate a door to door service. There may be occasions where this is not possible due to local restrictions. Where these restrictions apply, drivers will drop and collect you from the nearest accessible point. Please bear in mind, however, that the supplier will not be responsible for transporting luggage.

Shared shuttle transfers: Suppliers will endeavour wherever possible to operate a door to door service. There may be occasions where this is not possible due to local restrictions. Where these restrictions apply, drivers will drop and collect you from the nearest accessible point. Please bear in mind, however, that the supplier will not be responsible for transporting luggage.

Please note: We do not operate shared shuttle transfers to private addresses, villas, timeshare apartments, rural hotels or campsites. However, suppliers can drop you at a hotel close by, and in this case, please state this as your destination at the time of booking.

Instructions for finding your transport will vary from country to country. Clear instructions are printed on the booking voucher, which is generated electronically at time of booking and sent to you via email. Please ensure you travel with the booking voucher, as this will be fundamental to you meeting the supplier representative or driver. AirportCars cannot be held responsible for any failed transfers resulting from not having the booking voucher with you.

If, for any reason, you are unable to locate the supplier representative or driver, please call the supplier telephone number listed on your booking confirmation.

Please note: No refunds will be given in any instance where you cannot demonstrate efforts were made to call the supplier.

Your transfer provider will be monitoring your flight. You do not need to contact them if your flight is delayed as they will automatically amend your pick-up time.

If your outward flight is cancelled, please call the supplier on the telephone number shown on the booking voucher. The supplier will do their best to accommodate you.

If you are travelling on a connecting flight, and the first sector is delayed or cancelled, subsequently causing a delay to your arrival in your destination where the transfer is booked, then you will, in all cases, need to advise us of your new details. This is to ensure that the supplier is informed and able to reschedule your transport.

In some destinations, night charges may be applicable. Should your new arrival time fall within the period wherein night charges apply, then you will be liable for payment of these.

Failure to advise of cancelled and rescheduled flights may result in transport being provided as per the original details on the booking. In this instance, the supplier cannot be held responsible, and no refund will be given.

Please note: In some cases, you may need to make a new booking and submit a complaint to your airline company / and or travel insurance company.

In the unlikely event of your flight been diverted your airline will be responsible for ensuring your arrival at the original airport booked. Contact the transfer provider at your earliest opportunity but please be aware that they are under no obligation to change the pick-up point to anything other than the airport booked.

Your transfer provider will keep waiting times to a minimum but the maximum waiting time for shared shuttle transport is one hour from the time you make yourselves known to the local supplier upon arrival at the airport.

Please note: Any complaints received regarding a waiting time of less than one hour will not be considered. In the case of a flight delay, you may be scheduled onto the next available service which may result in a longer wait time.

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